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Established in 1999 as an alternative to golf handicap software, is focused on providing a Web based online golf service which connects golfers with clubs and enhancing the golf experience. Like golf handicap software providers, we offer many online utilities to help you improve your game, plus many more features only available from our online service. We are leading the pack with modules providing golf tournament, league, analysis and club community features - unsurpassed and all free with the online service.  

Used by over 130,000 golfers, golf clubs, associations and other organizations, NetHandicap has experienced meteoric growth.

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On January 1, 2006, the USGA® changed its regulations allowing online services such as to provide a USGA® golf handicap index® to the approximate 20 million golfers who are not members of a club. Typical golf handicap software can't compare to our services. not only provides a USGA® Golf Handicap Index®, but also provides leading golf statistical information and dynamic trending and analytics, which have been proven to help golfers understand their game.



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